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Baby Night Light Stars

0.99 usd

Designed to help your baby to sleep. Inspired by a physical 'Stars Projector' Night Light that has been part of our Baby's Bedtime Routine since birth.
This app displays a soothing on-screen starfield, which gently rotates and changes from White to Red, Green and Blue.
In addition, a soothing continuous White Noise can be played.
The LCD Screen on your device will be set to stay on indefinitely, and the Brightness will be set to full.
Settings: - Turn Stars Rotation On or Off - Turn Color Changing On or Off - Turn White Noise On or Off
To bring the Settings back into view after they have been dismissed, simply touch and the background.
It is recommended that you switch your device to 'Flight Mode', from 'Settings' before using this app, to prevent unwanted interruptions.
No unnecessary music, songs, loud sounds, just soothing stars and optional white noise to encourage sleeping.
No internet connection is required.